Your Pets

Your pets are family and are among the most important things in your life. 


Does this sound familiar? It's certainly a statement which I can relate to with my own pets, past and present.


You want: 

  • Portraits which you can keep as treasured memories for the rest of your life, 

  • Images which show the true spirit of your pet,

  • Pictures to share with others but which hold a unique and personal meaning to you.


Work with me and we will create the memories together. 


Patience and sensitivity to the needs of the animals are top priorities when photographing pets. Making the sessions as much fun as possible is also important. Photoshoots are tailored to meet your needs and can take place at your home, or at a favourite location. Wherever we go, we will spend time ensuring your pets are relaxed before the photographs begin. 

I take my professional development as a photographer very seriously. As much of my development is about my skills in working with, and understanding, animals as it is about my competence in creating photographs. As part of my continuing professional development, I have studied for a diploma in animal communication and also passed a qualification in animal first aid. 

If you would like to arrange a photography session for your own companion animal, please contact me here. To find out more about my journey as a photographer, please take a look at my blog, "The Photographer's Way".


Having fun during a photoshoot... 

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